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Selling Your Home!

If you are thinking of selling your home, you'll need to know exactly what it is worth before putting it on the market. As a Twin Cities area real estate professional, I analyze home values and determine market prices every day. By comparing your home to recent sales and other similar homes on the market, I can quickly tell you what your home is worth. This analysis is known as a "Comparative Market Analysis" or CMA. 

Make your Home Stand above the Competition

In this Buyers Market, additional incentives should be considered to sell your home.  Consider the following sales advantages to make your home the most comfortable to any Buyer:

  • Professional Staging
  • Professional Photography
  • Seller provided Pre-Sale Home Inspection
  • Home Warrantee for the Buyers
  • Condition of Title Report
  • Property Appraisal

Ask about these advantages that may be provided as part of your Listing.

Home Seller Objectives

There are several main objectives that are consistently important to home sellers:

  • Sellers want to sell their home for the highest price achievable.
  • Sellers want to sell their home in the shortest amount of time.
  • Sellers want the sale to occur with as little disruption to their already busy lives.
  • Sellers want to be assured that their agent is doing everything possible to sell their home.
  • Sellers want to be informed of all relevant information throughout the home-selling process.

The Selling Process

A Real Estate Agent will provide the information and guidance you need through the entire selling process:

  • Prepare your property For Sale to potential buyers.
  • Complete a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) to establish a competitive listing price.
  • Develop a specific marketing plan to expose your home to prospective home buyers.
  • Pursue honest feedback from potential buyers following showings of your home.
  • Offer negotiation and acceptance from buyer.
  • Attend the closing on the sale of your property.

Do you have a home to sell and will be buying another?


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Get your Complementary Market Analysis of your Home's Value and Equity!

Pricing Your Home - The most important Step in Selling Your Home!

Determining the asking price of your home is one of the most important aspects of the selling your home. Homes priced too high will sit on the market, while homes priced too low will not maximize your equity potential. Our goal is to maximize your equity while balancing your other selling objectives. Because each property is unique, we complete a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) to help advise you of all relevant information when setting the price of your home. A CMA incorporates a variety of information on properties that are both on the market and those that have sold recently in your area. After making adjustments for obvious differences in the properties that are compared, the results show the price range that should be considered in setting the Fair Market Value of your home.

We provides a full range of services designed to sell your home quickly and efficiently. Whether you are a first-time seller or on the move again, you can trust us to sell your home or property. Our goal is your complete satisfaction, while at the same time maximizing your equity potential.