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Free Informational Handbooks

The RoundPeg Group has a number of information handbooks available at no charge!  To receive this information immediately click on xxx or call me at 612-760-6400 and we will email them right out to you.

Your Credit Score
What it means to a prospective Home Buyer

The subject of credit scoring has become an increasingly hot topic, and for good reason. For many years, the general public only associated the concept of credit scoring with the need to purchase high-ticket items such as a new car or home. Today, credit scoring goes much farther. Your credit scoring can affect your ability to get a good rate on commodities such as car insurance, cell phones, or even determine weather or not you get the job that you want. Indeed, the financial snapshot provided by the credit score has also become a gauge for many employers, especially those who seek to place employees in a position of financial responsibility.

 Credit Score Handbook.pdf


Home Buyer’s Handbook

The idea of purchasing your first home is bound to bring many questions to mind. This is a natural reaction, as it is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make in your life. Rest assured Sound Mortgage Decisions is here to assist you in understanding the loan process with our goal being to make your experience a pleasant one.

This book covers the basics about buying your first home.  It is designed to answer commonly asked questions and provide clear definitions of terms you may be unfamiliar with.

 Home Buyer's Handbook.pdf

33 Ways to Sell Your Home Fast
Helpful Hits on Marketing and Selling Your Home

Why does one house sell within days and another linger for months on the market?

In today's real estate market, far too many sellers watch prospective buyers troop through their homes without making an offer. To avoid this kind of frustration, you must learn the secrets of making your house more saleable.

More important, the longer a house is on the market, the less likely the seller is to receive a high offer. It's human nature to suspect the quality of merchandise that has been "on the shelf" for a long time. A slow-selling house makes prospective buyers nervous.

Selling your home can be a painless and profitable experience - if you follow the guidelines offered in the Handbook. And don't neglect to involve your family in this project. It is a cooperative venture with one shared goal; a timely sale of your home.


Reverse Mortgages
The Golden Stage of Life

 With reverse mortgages coming on the scene, folks now have some appealing cash-flow alternatives that they didn’t have before. These loan plans will allow people to convert their home equity into tax-free income* without having to sell their current home or take on new monthly mortgage payments. They can also receive cash payments and credit lines without incurring monthly payments or having existing income; nice options traditional home loans do not offer.

*We strongly recommend consulting your tax advisor when choosing a reverse mortgage plan.


Title and Closing Handbook

Selling and buying real estate can be confusing; Title Companies are experts at making this process as stress-free as possible. When partnering with a Title Company you can be comfortable in knowing that your transaction will receive the attention it deserves. Our pledge to each customer is to give the best title policy and the best service before, during and after the closing.

Please contact me if you have any real estate questions about buying or selling a home, a home mortgage or the title/closing process.

To get the entire document, Click on this link:  Title and Closing Process Handbook

To receive a copy of a HUD-1 that is indicated in the handbook, click on this link: HUD-1