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Why not put the power of Mortgage & Investment Consultants to work for you? Benefit from the strengths of a leading residential lender with the resources and capabilities to provide funding for the widest variety of financial situations. You'll have a competitive edge over other prospective homebuyers because real estate agents will encourage a seller to accept your offer before other offers. When agents know your loan is already pre-approved, there is less risk that financing arrangements can't be made on the purchase of your home.


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If you would like assistance with securing a no-cost, no-obligation mortgage pre-approval, select Contact Us, and indicate that you would like to pursue a mortgage.  We will contact you immediately to begin the mortgage process and we will interact in a confidential manner.


The Mortgage Process

From the Buyer's viewpoint, there are four general milestones in the mortgage process:

Pre-qualification is generally the process that gives you a very good idea of how much home you could afford, or "qualify for" (given your credit, income, and other factors).

Pre-approval is the process where the lender determines the actual amount they will lend you after verifying your credit, income, and other factors considered during the pre-qualification period. Going beyond pre-qualification and getting pre-approved puts you in a much stronger bargaining position when it comes time to make an offer on a home. A pre-approval letter from your Loan Officer may or may not have a property address included.

Approval is receiving underwriting approval in the form of a Commitment Letter from the selected mortgage lender who is also referred to as the Bank. The interest rate does not need to be "Locked" at this time.

Closing is the actual signing of the mortgage, the transferring of money and receiving Title to the property.

A pre-approval letter is very important when searching for a home. This letter indicates to your Realtor that you are a serious buyer with a target price range. I will be happy to assist you with a pre-approval letter and your home search.

 In this new
Mortgage Market,

for a
20% Down Payment
and a
Good Credit Score


are full verification and qualification on a
mortgage application
and your HOME is no
longer part of your


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